It all started 4 years ago, when I was lost and unsure of what I want to do with my career and my life. I felt an immense amount of pressure to have it all “figured out” and fast, but that’s not how things work.
How it started... 

I’ve always been a planning junkie, but this period of my life was an especially obsessive journey. I spent a year on reading self-help books on productivity, time management, goal-setting tactics, financial planning, habit formation, decluttering, you name it… It helped me feel like my life was a bit more organized and put together. Little did I know that I was on my way to finding my purpose.  



One day when shopping for a new planner I thought to myself – why not design something of my own? Something that would combine all of the productivity techniques I love, while also have a touch of pleasant aesthetic to it. And that’s how the journey had begun! I love helping women become a better version of themselves daily. Welcome! I’m so glad you’ve found us. - Kate